"REMKO" Wojciech Frankiewicz Construction Company is a continuation of "PRU REMKO" Company

We specialize in the provision of services for the industry according to the technical documentation prepared by our own bodies, through our own specialised construction equipment

We have the rights of The State Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) to carry out renovations and assembly of craning devices in the mechanics and electrics sectors. We employ welders who are authorised by UDT to make reliable weld joints.


  • Execution and assembly of steel constructions of halls and shelters, as well as, elements made of heat and corrosion resistant steel
  • Assembly of light hall housing, including Hilti technologies.
  • General construction services
  • Study-design works concerning general construction works, industrial installations, steel constructions
  • Ironing and welding works
  • Demolition works of reinforced concrete buildings, steel and masonry constructions
  • Assembly and renovations of industry installation devices, including environment protection
  • Renovations, assembly and conservation works of craning devices subject to UDT
  • Assembly and renovations of crane rails, beams, hoists, platforms, steel chimneys.